Admin Rules for Tom and Jerry Server

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Admin Rules for Tom and Jerry Server

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:14 pm

Ban any type cheat users with amx_banmenu or amx_ban 0 nick reason
Gag players for swearing/insults , meaningless ' voice' chat use ! ( amx_gag nick 999999999999999 )
Administrator must review banned player ban apeall, review .Dem and photos. After review of files write to one of the administrators.


Ban/Kick Players With nick Player Player(1) without reason
Swearing, Use of cheats .
Slap/slay , transfer other players to the other team for no reason .
Threaten with ban.
Ban without reason.
Baning player with ping less than 120.
It is strictly forbidden to Ban another ADMIN. If you see that admin is violating rules, write violation report with proofs (Demo or SS). Unless you consider he is cheating ( like using wallhack, aim , etc...)


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